August 2019 TBR

Hey all;) Here are the books I would like to read this August!

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-Sean, kingdombookblog

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Never Fade Review (Mini)

Mini Non-Spoiler Review


Title: Never Fade

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Genre(s): Young-adult, sci-fi, dystopian, thriller

Average Goodreads rating: 4.28/5

My rating: 4.75/5

Do I recommend? Yes

Main Characters: Ruby, Jude, Vida, Chubs, Liam, Clancy, Nico, Cate

Synopsis: A continuation of the events in The Darkest Minds

My Goodreads review: 

“This was soooo good. I enjoyed it so much more than the first book. I felt way more invested in this story, and blew through the last half of the book. I can’t wait to read the last book in this series ASAP.”

Characters: 8.5/10

-found Ruby pretty frustrating, especially in the first half of the book

-I really enjoyed the connections between the characters; I really felt and understood their relationships with each other

Writing: 9/10

-pretty intensely written

-nothing crazy

Pace: 9/10

-not exactly the fastest

-decent amount of action

Entertainment: 9/10

-when one action scene ended, there was always more action and suspense right after

-hard to put down in second-half

Average: 9.875/10


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely

Boring parts?

none    ,    rare   ,   some   ,   frequent   ,   lots


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely


not at all   ,   rarely   ,   every now and then  ,   often   ,   frequently

Overall thoughts?

bad   ,   meh   ,   good   ,   very good   ,   excellent   ,   superb

For Fans Of:

Image result for the fifth wave trilogy

Grade: 91%

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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Top 5 Favorite Books of 2019 So Far

Hey guys. So, since we are already halfway through 2019 (I can’t believe it!), I thought I would share with you some of the best books I’ve read this year so far. Unfortunately, I’ve really struggled this year to read a lot, and have only read 11 books so far ;( For perspective, there have been multiple times in recent years where I’ve read nearly 11 books in a single month. I’m really hoping to turn my year around, so wish me luck!

Because I haven’t read a lot of books, this is the first year where I don’t even have enough 5 star reads to put on my top five halfway through. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed all five books on this list.

Let’s get started!

5.) The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan

The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, #3)

4.) The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend


3.) Darkness of Dragons by Tui T. Sutherland

33198183. sy475

2.) A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir


1.) Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake


-Sean, kingdombookblog

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Summer 2019 TBR

Hey guys. Here is the list of books that I want to read this summer! I’ve had the worst reading year so far, in terms of number of books read, so I hope to pick it up now that I’ll have more free time.

Image result for unravel meImage result for ignite me

Image result for ace of shadesImage result for two can keep a secret

Image result for in the wild jonImage result for the scarlet letter book

Image result for ethan frome bookImage result for nature ralph waldo emerson

Image result for the hive queenImage result for nerve book

Image result for this lie will kill youImage result for schizo

Image result for never fade alexandra brackenImage result for shadow cadets of pennyroyal academy

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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Quick Facts About My Reading #1

Hey guys. I thought it would be cool to show some interesting facts about how/when/what I read, or any other things that apply to my reading life. Hope you enjoy;)

1.) Typically I read about a page per minute. However, when I read a book for a longer period of time, or if the book is really enjoyable, I can read at a much faster pace.

2.) Almost every book I voluntarily pick up, I enjoy. The only books I usually rate below a 3 stars are books I had to read for school.

3.) I give out more 5 stars ratings than any other rating. I’m not a critical reader; my ratings are based purely on my enjoyment. For example, if I hated every character but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book, my rating would be unaffected. However, if hating every character affected my enjoyment of the book, the rating would be influenced accordingly.

4.) I am not a consistent reader. I go through phases where I read a crazy amount, and then I go through droughts of reading virtually nothing.

5.) I definitely am intimidated by big books; I have tons of big books on my shelves that I know I’ll love, but always settle for smaller books.

Thought those were interesting. Lmk yours in the comment.

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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One Blood Ruby Review (Brief)

Brief Non-Spoiler Review


Title: One Blood Ruby

Author: Melissa Marr

Genre(s): Young-adult, urban fantasy

Average Goodreads rating: 3.72

My rating: 3.25/5

Do I recommend? Due to not loving this, there are better YA fantasy series out there I would say go for instead. But yea, if interested, give it a try.

Goodreads Review:

Unfortunately, this was a disappointment for me. I really enjoyed the first book in this duology, and has high expectations for the conclusion that it just did not meet. For one, the plot felt like a setup for a crazy ending that never really hit for me. It was very slow-moving, and I got distracted frequently while reading. I have a hard time rating sequels so low, and if this wasn’t the second book to a story I really liked, the rating might’ve been even lower…idk.
I certainly didn’t hate it at all though, and there were portions I really enjoyed. Just overall, didn’t like it much.

Characters: 7.5/10

Writing: 7.5/10

Pace: 6.5/10

Entertainment: 6.5/10

Average: 7/10


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely

Boring parts?

none    ,    rare   ,   some   ,   frequent   ,   lots


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely


not at all   ,   rarely   ,   every now and then  ,   often   ,   frequently

Overall thoughts?

bad   ,   meh   ,   good   ,   very good   ,   excellent   ,   superb

Grade: 70%

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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Top 10 Books on my Current TBR

So today, I thought I would share the books that are on my most immediate TBR. These are the books I will (hopefully) get to within the next few months. I will be separating these into standalones/series starters and sequels, with a majority of these books being sequels since I want to finish up all the series I have started.

Standalones/Series Starters:




31450852Image result for war storm



-Sean, kingdombookblog

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The Lost Continent Review (Brief)

Brief Non-Spoiler Review

Image result for the lost continent tui

Title: The Lost Continent

Author: Tui T. Sutherland

Genre(s): Middle-grade, fantasy

Average Goodreads rating: 4.65

My rating: 3.75/5

Do I recommend? If you’ve read up until this point, it’s worth it

Overall Thoughts: I enjoyed this book, just not as much as I’ve enjoyed the other books in the series. I just wasn’t as completely into the story as I’ve been all series. I think this was a good setup for the rest of the series, and I did end up liking the story in the end. Looking forward to continuing on even if I didn’t love this one.

Characters: 8/10

Writing: 8.5/10

Pace: 8/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Average: 8.125/10


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely

Boring parts?

none    ,    rare   ,   some   ,   frequent   ,   lots


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely


not at all   ,   rarely   ,   every now and then  ,   often   ,   frequently

Overall thoughts?

bad   ,   meh   ,   good   ,   very good   ,   excellent   ,   superb

Grade: 83%

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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3 Bookish Things Tag

Hey guys, so here is another book tag I really liked when I saw it. I really loved this concept, but I tweaked it a bit from my three favorites to three of my favorites for some categories, because I couldn’t narrow it down.

I tag:





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The Fault in our Stars is my least favorite John Green book.

I enjoy love triangles, if done well. I even occasionally like when there is a web of relationships.

I didn’t like Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (I really liked its sequels though).


I love the Rick Riordan books.

My favorite series is Harry Potter.

All of Marie Lu’s books are great.










Cut my TBR down to ten within the next two years.

Use my phone less and read more.

Buy/ask for only books I know I’ll read right away.

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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Random Recommendation #18

so here is another recommendation for you guys! really loved this book, and think many people will too. it’s so thrilling, highly recommend. very underrated.

Image result for this is our story

key tags: mystery, thriller, suspense, brothers, murder, angst, plot-twists, shocking

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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