The Game of Lives Review

Mini Review:

The Game of Lives by James Dashner

Rating:4/5 Star

This was a great conclusion to a fantastic sci-fi trilogy. The overall storyline was interesting, but the book’s feel lacked something that the first two books had.

Main Characters: Michael, Sarah, Bryson, Helga, Gabriella, and Kaine.


-main character grew on me a lot in this book

-most other characters were bland (with exception of Helga)


-nothing extraordinary about the author’s style

-kept the vivid descriptions quick and clean


-the virtual reality spin on the trilogy is very creative

-clearly did research on topics similar to virtual reality


-very slow moving at times

-action would eventually kick in and be exciting

Fun Fact: As of 2015, this is James Dashner’s fourth completed series/trilogy.




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