The Infinite Sea Review

Mini Review:

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

Rating: 5/5

Aggghhhh! This book was amazing. I was especially hesitant going into this book because of all the people that said this book was so much worse than the first one, but I liked it even better!

Main Character: Ringer, Cassie, Ben, Grace, Sammy, Teacup, Vosch, Evan, Razor


-this was mostly Ringer’s book, and I loved her narration

-still had problems with some of the characters


-still love how all of the different stories come together

-fast and to-the-point battle scene descriptions


-dragged a bit towards the end

-PERFECT amount of action to keep the story flowing


-couldn’t put it down

-so much excitement

Fun Fact-The final book in this trilogy is called “The Last Star”.




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