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Inside Out Books




1.) JoyPick the book that brings you the most joy.

This is one of my favorite series, and the reason it brings me so much joy is because of the characters bravery, humor, and overall good-nature. Also, Rick Riordan’s writing style never ceases to amaze me!



2.) DisgustPick the book that grossed you out the most.

This book was marketed at very scary, and while I didn’t think it was that creepy, I did think that some of the pictures were very gory, detailed, and disgusting.



3.) FearPick the book that scared you the most.

This book probably wouldn’t scare me anymore, but when I was 8 years old and reading this series, I definitely was a terrified. The book is very dark, especially since it focuses on a rogue murderer throughout the story. I remember that even “The Goblet of Fire” scared me a little bit. I’m not sure if anybody else agrees with me on this, but my little 8 year old self was terrified.


4.) SadnessPick the book that made you cry the hardest.

Excuse me, I’m still wiping my tears away….


Just kidding, although this book was SO SAD! UGGHHHHHHH! This book so WONDERful(ha) and I loved it so much that it made me cry. This is a very important book that I think everybody IN THE WORLD should read.

5.) Pick the book that made you the most angry.

I loved this book, but that plot twist made me very angry…. If you have read this book  you know what I am talking about. The twist was executed so perfectly, but I am still  upset about what happened. VICTORIA AVEYARD, why you got to torture our    characters?XD







*Even if you haven’t seen the movie you should still do this tag because it is so much fun!

-Sean, kingdombookblog


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