The Blizzard Book Tag


Blizzard Book Tag



1.) What is your favorite wintry book cover?

I love how the cover makes a winter storm feel like fun instead of like. . .a storm.


2.) What fictional technology, magic, or superpower, would you most like to have in a snowstorm?

I would have the fire tile from the Balance Keepers series. In this world a tile calls to you when you enter this world, and the tile holds a magical power. So, obviously I would want to have the fire power during a snowstorm to keep me warm.


3.) Which character would you want to cuddle up with to keep you warm?

I would cuddle with Sammy from the 5th Wave series because he is so cute throughout all of the books. He is Cassie’s younger brother, and he is very young. I’ve always wanted a younger brother, and this would be a perfect opportunity to get one.


4.) Who’s your favorite character who’s a bit icy and it takes a little while for them to warm up?

For this question I would pick Chaol from the first two books in the Throne of Glass series. In the first book he is very stern and unlikable,  but in the sequel he opens up a bit more and shows that he can be fun too.


5.) What fictional group of friends would you want on your team for a snowball fight?

I would want Ryan Dean, Seanie, JP, and Annie at my side during snowball fight. They really know how to have fun, and they would definitely be able to make me laugh during the fight. Also, the boys play rugby so they are athletic, and will probably be good in a snowball fight. And I have faith that none of them would show any mercy when they are throwing a snowball. 😉


6.) What character would you want to smack in the face with a snowball?

I’m going to pick Lucent from the Young Elites series for this question. Don’t get me wrong, she is one of my favorite characters in this series, but sometimes she’s got to lighten up a bit. Hopefully the snowball would knock some sense into her….


7.) Which book reminds you of vacation?

Yes, that’s right. Still love my Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. As you can probably tell by the cover, this book takes place during the summer, and the book is filled with mishaps from Greg Heffley’s adventures during his break from school.


8.) What book has warm getaway where you wish you could escape?

Ummm…this question is practically the same as the one above.


9.) Power goes out. What book do you have on your bedside or loaded on your kindle or iPad that’s your go to in case you don’t have anything else?

This book is the next book that I plan to read on my e-reader, so I picked this one for my answer.


















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