Blog Feature-Madelyn!

Madelyn, a fellow blogger, and I decided to feature some of each others blog posts on each others blogs to raise awareness for our hard work! She has a great blog and make sure you check it out.

Madelyn’s Information:



Madelyn featured two of my posts on her blog too:

Featured Posts:

1.) Everything, Everything Review


This was a very good book and in my opinion, was very easy to read. I really liked the way the book was formatted– there were cool “illustrations” with the emails, etc.

The book is about Madeline, a girl who has a condition in which she can’t go outside for the risk of getting very sick. She has spent all of her life inside. All of this changes though when she meets Olly (the new neighbor). She is willing to risk her life to be with him.

There is a huge plot twist (from the beginning I knew that THIS was going to be the plot twist).

I really liked the ending, and it left you on a cliff-hanger. The ending was one of my favorite parts in fact.

The book was well written, however I did come across 1-3 typos which were avoidable. However, it didn’t interfere with the understanding of the book.

I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys young adult books and wants a quickish read. The book has a really good story and has a great story. Happy Reading!

2.) Eleanor and Park Review


I really enjoyed this book. The book was about Eleanor and Park who are two “misfits” as mentioned in the book summary. Park doesn’t originally like Eleanor, but Eleanor read his comics over his shoulder and when Park noticed, he brought her comics every day. He also brought her tapes that he make with his favorite songs.

Eleanor is from a broken home, and she has an abusive step-father who already threw her out of the house once for a year, and he would do it again. Eleanor must walk on thin ice around him. Park is her way to stay away from him.

Park befriends Eleanor and they fall in love. They must keep everything secret if they want Eleanor to stay.

This book was sweet, with a plot twist at the end which I felt was expected, but it was still good. In the end, certain enemies become friends and allies can create a breaking point.

I was hesitant to read this book because I thought it would be a corny love story, but I decided to just into it and I loved this book. The book was well-written and was a good story. I would really like to read more Rainbow Rowell books and I will be reading “Fangirl” soon. Happy Reading!

End Note: Madelyn is a great friend of mine, and I would appreciate if you checked out her wonderful blog! 
-Sean, kingdombookblog

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