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I will be featuring another blogger! Kayra has a great blog and you should read all of her posts!

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Half Bad Review:


Rating: 7/10

Half Bad is the first book in the Half Bad trilogy. I picked this book up because it is the book of the month for the YA Kingdom Book Club ( So far, I am enjoying all the books I read for this club. Feel free to join.

The beginning of this book was in second person, which I found to be very unique. i was hoping that the whole book would be in second person and even though that wasn’t the case, I loved the writing. I only had trouble reading part four. I felt like the story was dragging itself during that part. Nothing super interesting happened and yet it was very detailed and long. Other than that, I really did love this book. When Nathan started going to high school, I felt terrible for him. I think that kids in school can really hurt your feelings at times. I respected Annalise a lot in that way. She didn’t judge Nathan, unlike the other white witches and fains in her class and I thought that Nathan liked her as much as he did because he was not used to people treating him as an equal. I think that Nathan and Gabriel will be together at the end. Nathan and Annalise reminded me of Adam and Juliette from Shatter Me. Juliette fell in love with Adam because he was able to touch her without dying. She hadn’t met anyone before and their relationship didn’t end up great. The middle was a bit boring at times, but after we met Gabriel, I was sucked into the book. I think it is safe to say that right now, my favorite character is Gabriel. He is so awesome.

When we first got to meet Nathan’s family, I was very sorry for him. Jessica was the biggest bully. It is the most disgusting thing to make someone feel responsible for the death of their own mother. And she didn’t only hold him responsible. She kept on reminding him of their mum’s death. I really admired Arran. Despite having Jessica for a sister, he was always there for Nathan. I hope we get to see more of him in the second book.
I know that we are supposed to be hating Marcus for being this terrible witch, but I kind of like him. I know that it doesn’t make up for all the misery he has caused his son, but to aid him and give him his blood and the family ring was a start. I think that at the end of this trilogy he will die trying to save Nathan. I don’t know why I think this will happen. It just seems plausible.

I am really not liking Mercury. It sounds like she started off with the right set of morals, but right now, her moral compass is broken.


March Wrap Up:

1- A Thousand Nights E.K. Johnston


I was supposed to read a stand alone this month and since quite a few people that I know were reading this book and recommending it, I decided that this would be perfect. I really enjoyed this book. Here is my full review for the book:

2- Rat Queens, Volume One: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe


I heard about this graphic novel during the epic reads monthly wrap-up and when I went to my local comic book store and saw it there, I bought both this volume and the next volume and I read them within the same day and absolutely loved it. The characters are all very unique and amazing in their own special way. I also loved the graphic design.

3- Rat Queens, Volume Two: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth by Kurtis J. Wiebe


This volume was even better than the first. I grew so attached to the characters within such a thin volume.

4- Saga Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan


I have heard fantastic things about the Saga series and was very excited to pick it up. This was a very promising start to the series.

5- The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith


I didn’t write a review for this book because it was extremely short and I finished in twenty minutes or so. There wasn’t much to talk about.

6- The Fuse, Volume Two: Gridlock by Antony Johnston


I think it is pretty safe to say that I read quite a few graphic novels this month. I had picked the first volume for The Fuse last year and had really enjoyed the story.

7- Half Bad by Sally Green


This was the March book-of-the-month for the YA Kingdom Book Club ( Feel free to join the club. The more the merrier. Also, the books-of-the-month are all amazing. I adored this book. Fantastic beginning to the story. I am currently reading Half Wild, the second book in this trilogy and the story gets even better.

8- Angelfall by Susan Ee


All right book. The pace was a bit too slow for me. Still, the story was good enough.

9- The Selection by Kiera Cass


I am already obsessed with this series. Fabulous start. I think that girls might enjoy this book more than boys. I would definitely recommend this book.

10- The Elite by Kiera Cass


I went to the bookshop to buy this book about an hour after I finished The Selection because I loved the first book that much. Great sequel, but I liked the first book better. I am really looking forward to reading The One though, because that seems to be most people’s favorite in the series.


Kayra’s blog is wonderful, and I would really love if you would go support her and her work!

-Sean, kingdombookblog


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