Glass Sword Review

Mini Review

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Rating: 5/5

I really loved this book. It totally blew my mind and my expectations.

Main Characters: Mare, Kilorn, Cal, Maven, Cameron, Shade, Farley, Elara, Nix, Harrick

Characters: 8/10

-loved main character

-grew to like Cal way more than in the first book

Writing: 10/10

-love the dark atmosphere Aveyard creates

-immersed me the her world

Plot: 9/10

-great continuation

-great twists, betrayals, and plot progression

Pace: 9/10

-beginning was a little slow

-so action-packed once you get passed the slow part

Fun Fact: Originally this series was going to be a trilogy, but it was recently turned into a quartet!

-Sean, kingdombookblog


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