Top 5 Authors that I Would Like to meet at BEA/Bookcon

I am not actually going to either of these events, but I did look at the list of authors attending so that I knew which ones that I would like to meet if I went.

5.) Sarah J. Maas

I bet that this author was on everyone’s list, and I hate to be cliche, but I really would love to meet Sarah J. Maas. I don’t have much of a specific reason to meet her, other than I want to see the person who created two intricate fantasy novels that I have read and enjoyed.

4.) Leigh Bardugo

This author wrote a fantastic fantasy series that had me gasping from start to finish, and I’ve heard that she is hilarious to be around. I would love to meet her at one of these book events.

3.) Veronica Roth

I would just love to ask this masterful writer what it feels like to have her book receive such great reviews. I want to know what else she is writing, and also would love if she could tell me why she decided to make a certain someone die in Allegiant….

2.) Sabaa Tahir

I was blown away by Sabaa Tahir’s amazing writing skills in her debut novel, AEITA, and really just want to ask what inspired her to write such a detailed and original fantasy story.

1.) Victoria Aveyard

While she has come across rude to many people, I feel that you can’t judge people without really meeting them. Her #1 New York Times bestselling series happens to be my favorite ongoing series at the moment, and I just really wish to get to know the person behind such a wonderful plot and character-driven story.

-Sean, kingdombookblog



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