The Hidden Oracle Review

Mini Review:

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

Rating: 4/5

Compared to some of Rick Riordan’s other books, this was a little underwhelming, but I still really enjoyed it overall.

Main Characters: Apollo, Meg, Percy, Chiron, Daphne, Nico, Austin, Kayla, Rachel

Characters: 7/10

-didn’t like Apollo’s narrative and thought Meg was kind of bland


Writing: 7/10

-was missing the sass and sarcasm that Rick’s writing usually has

-kept the pace quick and easy to read

Plot: 7/10

-interesting companion idea

-cool to hear more about the god stories from Apollo

Enjoyability: 8/10

-had a really fun time reading it

-couldn’t put it down-took me less than 4 days to finish

Featured Pictures:



-Sean, kingdombookblog



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