Book Emoji Tag

Basically for this tag you are to pick your 5 most frequently used emojis and choose a book that you think fits that emoji.

Tag creator-Sanaa:

I tag-



Jacquie and Gina:


The reason for this match-up is that this book so bad that it was cringe-worthy. It was extremely slow, cheesy, and all of the characters were really annoying, and the whole time I was wincing and groaning to get through this book.


This explosion emoji reminds me of something surprising and exciting, and this whole book was a roller-coaster of excitement, action, and twists. The book just screams BAM!


This emoji totally describes Celaena’s character in so many ways. She is so sassy and sneaky, similar to the smirky and secretive attitude that this emoji has.


This emoji is the OK emoji, and this book was very just a very solid book so I thought it would represent this emoji pretty well. It wasn’t anything special, but it was very enjoyable and definitely worthy of your time, so it definitely fits this emoji.


This book was just so disappointing. The first book was SO GOOD, and this book was so slow, boring, and just overall a bad book. I was expecting so much more considering the first book was so amazing and I’d loved all of Riordan’s other works. Oh well.

-Sean, kingdombookblog


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