Meeting some fabulous authors!

Over the weekend I went to an event in New York for Barnes and Noble B-Fest, which was a teen festival that ran from June 10th-June 12th. This particular event featured three authors; Amy Ewing, Melissa Grey, and Lexa Hillyer.

Here are the authors’s info:

Amy Ewing-



Melissa Grey-



Lexa Hillyer-



In all, the authors had written 4 YA novels at the time that I went to see them, and I had read and loved all of them. The authors first had a Q&A panel and a little writing workshop and then they had a signing, so I got all of my books signed.

girl at midnightproof of foreverthe jewelwhiterose

*I had e-mailed Amy Ewing before and she had kindly responded, so that is why she wrote about meeting me in person:)

I also came home with two new books from the store. My mom bought the Wrath and the Dawn for herself and I got the Scorpion Rules.


-Sean, kingdombookblog


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