Summer Reader Book Tag

I don’t think I was tagged, but I wanted to do some type of summer-related post since it is the wonderful summer time! Let’s get on with the tag.

Also, I tagged some people below so check down there to see if you’ve been tagged. Feel free to do it anyways even if you haven’t though!

Lemonade: pick a book that started off bitter but got better.

This wasn’t necessarily “bitter” at the beginning, but it took a while to get into because there was a lot of information dumped on us at the start.

Golden Sun: pick a book that made you smile beyond compare.

This book is just so funny and adventurous and I couldn’t help but smile while reading it.

Tropical Flowers: pick a book set in a foreign country.

This takes place in the United Kingdom.

Tree Shade: pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced.

Roland was definitely mysterious and shady, and the main characters felt that as well.

Beach Sand: pick a book that was grainy, and the plot barely developed.

This book was just so dry and I felt the plot was very confusing and all over the place. The story went nowhere.

Green Grass: pick a character(s) that were full of life, making you smile.

Jefferson and Donna were great, lively main characters and Peter was a side character that was also full of life. They made me smile multiple times.

Watermelon: pick a book that had some juicy secrets.

I haven’t even read this yet, but come on…look at the title.

Sun Hat: pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting.

The Grisha Universe is extremely massive and the world is always expanding.

BBQ: pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk.

Four is most definitely portrayed as a hunk.

Summer Fun: pass the tag on

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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