Mashup Review: The Dragonet Prophecy, The Lost Heir, and The Hidden Kingdom

Mashup Review:

-The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland

-The Lost Heir by Tui T. Sutherland

-The Hidden Kingdom by Tui T. Sutherland

Section 1-Overall Thoughts:


This book really blew away my expectations. At first I had to get into the writing style of the book, as it was quick simplistic and almost amateurish compared to the detailed YA novels that I am used to reading. However, I ended up getting comfortable with the author’s style and getting completely invested in the world. I really was so pleased with this as a series starter.



The Lost Heir (Wings of Fire Series #2)

I immediately jumped into this one after finishing the first book, and being left speechless over its cliffhanger in the epilogue, and the sequel didn’t disappoint. This was the quickest read for me; I read it in only three days while I was on vacation. I had such a great time reading this and it continued the pace of the first book in an efficient way.



The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Series #3)

I also went right into this one after finishing the second book, but unfortunately this one took me a little bit of time to get into. I ended up completely immersed in the story by the last third of the book, so I did end up really loving the book as a whole. The epilogue wasn’t as thrilling in this one as it had been in the other ones, but it kept me interested in the rest of the series for sure.


Section 2-Characters: 


Clay-Clay narrates The Dragonet Prophecy, and I absolutely loved his perspective in that book. He was very brave and strong and I thought he was overall a very good person. However, in The Lost Heir and The Hidden Kingdom he really lacked that strength that I’d seen in the first book. He kept being portrayed as a dragon that was always hungry in those second and third books. Even though he irked me a bit, I really think he is a great character and I enjoyed him a lot.

Tsunami-Tsunami narrates The Lost Heir, and I didn’t necessarily love her narration. She was very wishy-washy, and I think that that book really made me dislike her character. In all three books, Tsunami is viewed as the unofficial leader of the group and she definitely is one of the stronger dragons, but she is very brash and hot-headed. I didn’t hate Tsunami, but I definitely didn’t love her either.

Glory-Glory narrates The Hidden Kingdom, and I was really surprised at how much I like her point of view. I didn’t really have an opinion on Glory after the first book, but she annoyed me so much in the second book, so I wasn’t expecting to like her narration, but she ended up earning my approval. She was kind and careful, and she really thought about her decisions. I think she is a lot smarter than the other dragons give her credit for.


Starflight-Starflight is the brains of the group, and he is supposed to be a little annoying and pompous, but I did like his character. He doesn’t get as much attention as Tsunami and Clay do, but I thought he really cared for them just as much.

Sunny-How can you not love this dragon? Sunny is described as caring and peaceful, and I absolutely loved her personality. She is really the glue that holds the group together, and I really can’t wait until the fifth book when the spotlight will be on her.

Section 3-Writing:

As stated above, the writing of this book wasn’t up to par with the other books that I’ve read, but the style ended up being efficient in keeping the pace moving fast. This book is aimed for kids just below my age, so I can understand that the writing would’ve been perfect for those younger kids, and that maybe I just expect more since I am a little bit older. However, I think the writing style was good enough to grab my attention, even if it wasn’t as thorough as I thought it would be.

Section 4-Dragons:

SANDWINGS-These dragons are the whole reason for the war and I really liked their powers.

NIGHTWINGS-I am very excited to learn more about these mysterious dragons.

RAINWINGS-I am curious to see what Glory can do for them as queen.

MUDWINGS-I’m still bummed that they trade their kids for cows.

ICEWINGS-We don’t know much about them but they sound so cool looking.

SKYWINGS-The Sky Kingdom is absolutely fascinating and I hope to learn about what Queen Scarlet is up to.

SEAWINGS-I really am intrigued to see how these dragons play into the war.

Section 5-The Prophecy:

Prophecies are a major turn-on for me in a book, and this is one of the best prophecies I’ve seen in a book. I love trying to figure it out and it really keeps me reading.

One of the biggest deals about the prophecy is that the predicted SkyWing egg was destroyed and the dragon was replaced with a RainWing (Glory). Everyone is worried that the prophecy is incomplete and false, but I have a theory. The prophecy states that the SkyWing egg must be found(as well as the four others), but it never directly says that those are the five dragons that will end the war. Which means that Glory could still be a part of the prophecy, and it could be complete. I hope that makes sense, but that is my theory.

As for the third SandWing queens, I really don’t know which two will die and which will survive. I feel like the prophecy has a meaning other than the obvious, so maybe the next SandWing ruler isn’t even one of them, but if I had to predict out of Burn, Blister, and Blaze who would be victorious, I would pick Blaze. I feel like the dragonets will realize she is the least sinister, and even thought she isn’t bright or at all ready to rule a dragon tribe, they could help her improve.

Section 6-Favorite and Least Favorite:

FAVORITE: The Dragonet Prophecy

Reasoning: The book kept me interested the whole time, unlike The Hidden Kingdom, but I can’t really explain why I enjoyed it more than The Lost Heir. I liked those two pretty much equally.

LEAST FAVORITE: The Hidden Kingdom

Reasoning: This was without a doubt my least favorite out of the three. I still really liked it, but it lacked the constant excitement of the first two. Clearly, I still enjoyed it though considering my 5-star rating.


-Sean, kingdombookblog

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