The Royal Court Book Tag

Hey guys! Today I’ll be doing another tag. I really loved the idea and questions involved with this specific tag, so I decided to do it for you guys! Also, I won’t be choosing a character multiple times because I don’t want a character doing two things in our court 😉

I tag:







1. The King: Favorite Male Lead


For this one I knew Tim was going to be the answer, considering he is my favorite character of all-time. He’s just so kind and I just connected with him in such a deep way.
2. The Queen: Favorite Female Lead


I’m not certain if Aelin is my actual favorite main female character because none of the ones I thought of really stood out to my as all-time favorites, but for now I’m going that she is. I definitely do love her determination and snarkiness.
3. The First Prince: Most Loyal Male Character


Grover is so loyal to Percy, and he would do anything to protect his friends.
4. The Second Prince: A Laid-back Male Character



Peeta is really chill and calm, so he’s definitely very laid-back.
5. The Headstrong Princess: Headstrong Female Character



Zoya is so bold and self-willed, and she won’t let anything stand in her way.
6. The King’s Advisor: Most Trustworthy Male Character



Sean is one of my favorite side characters and he is so trustworthy, and is always there to help Ember out.
7. The Duke and the Duchess: Favorite OTP


Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park are so cute together, and I love that they both aren’t perfect and have there flaws, unlike some of the generic characters in YA literature.
8. Lady-in-Waiting/Gentleman of the Bedchamber: Best Supporting Character


Once again, there is probably a side character I’m forgetting about for this question, but I was really drawn to Helene’s complex personality.
9. The Secret Traitor: Least Trustworthy Character

You know who

If you’ve read this book you know who I’m talking about.
10. The Court Wizard: Favorite Character w/Magical Abilities (Or Favorite Fantastical/Whimsical Character)


I just love Snape. He was by far one of the most influential characters in Harry’s life and I just couldn’t get over how complex he was.
11. The Royal Fool: Funniest Character

Ryan Dean

I can especially relate to Ryan’s teenage-boy humor and I just found his sarcasm hilarious.
12. The Gossiping Lady’s Maid: Character Most Likely to Spread Court Rumors


I don’t why I chose Glimmer, but I couldn’t think of anyone else, and I thought she probably would spread rumors.
13. The Handsome Servant: Male Character Most Likely to Seduce a Lady


Just duh…

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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