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1. RE-READ AUTHOR- Which author do you go to when you feel like rereading a book?

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Ralph Fletcher

I decided not to choose the obvious answer of JK Rowling, but in reality I’ve read Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher more times than I’ve read any of Rowling’s own books. There is something about the writing in that book that draw me back to it every time.
2. MIDNIGHT RELEASES- Which author do you make sure you get every new release from immediately?

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Rick Riordan

Every time a new Riordan book comes out I feel like it is a holiday. His books always meet my expectations and I can always count of his book to get me back into the reading mood.
3. FROM THE BEGINNING- Which author have you been there for since their first release and are planning on sticking around with for many releases to come?

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Victoria Aveyard

I will definitely support any of Victoria Aveyard’s future books and her two books so far have both ended up being one of my all time favorites.
4. SECOND CHANCES- Which author did you not like the first book you read from them but are prepared to give another book by them a chance?

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William Shakespeare

I really disliked Romeo and Juliet, which I read for school, but I am willing to give Shakespeare another chance.
5. DON’T STOP- Which author who has stopped writing do you want to come out with more books?

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Suzanne Collins

If I could choose to have any upcoming book in the world, it would be Suzanne Collin’s next novel. However, she has not been writing and I really just want new material from her.
6. WHY’D I WAIT- Which author do you wish you began reading from sooner?

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Neal Shusterman

After reading this man’s amazing Unwind Dystology, I was scratching my head trying to figure out why I hadn’t read his books before.

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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