This is Where it Ends Review (Full Non-Spoiler)

Full Non-Spoiler Review

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Title: This Is Where It Ends

Author: Marieke Nijkamp

Genre(s): Contemporary, thriller, realistic fiction

Rating: 4.5/5

Do I recommend? Yes

Main Characters: Sylv, Autumn, Tomás, Claire, Tyler, Matt, Chris, Fareed

Short Synopsis: A high school is severely impacted when a school shooter enters the building.

Characters: 8/10

The characters in this story were incredibly diverse, and the book itself was completely character driven. However, even though I feel that the characters were unique, I do not think that the author was able to flesh any of them out enough by the end of the story. I did not feel emotionally connected to any of the main characters, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Autumn. The last thing that bugged me was the romantic relationship that started to begin between one of the four narrators and one of the secondary characters towards the end of the story. It just felt pointless and added little to the development of the story.


Writing: 9.5/10

The writing was incredible in this story. While I felt the flashbacks added little to the story, I thought the overall feel of the writing style was undeniably breathtaking. It was as if each line in the story seemed to have its own unique purpose.


Pace: 9/10

The book was fairly fast pace, and I think that the constant transfer of POVs was the reason for this. Each time someone knew was about to become the narrator, there would be a last minute cliffhanger for the character before. This certainly kept the pace moving (and me reading)!!


Entertainment: 9/10

I’m not sure if entertainment applies to a book with this serious of subject matter, but for certain I fell in love with this book from page one. It is certainly a read that I will never forget and I recommend it to everyone that can handle its material.


-Sean, kingdombookblog

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