Thirteen Reasons Why Review (Mini Non-Spoiler)

Mini Non-Spoiler Review

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Title: Thirteen Reasons Why

Author: Jay Asher

Genre(s): Contemporary, mystery, realistic fiction

Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend? Absolutely

Main Characters: Hannah, Clay, Tony, Justin, Courtney, Skye

Short Synopsis: A young teen discovers receives a mysterious set of cassette tapes revolving around a fellow classmate’s suicide.

Characters: 9/10

-loved Hannah

-liked Clay even though he lost a lot of the spotlight to Hannah

Writing: 9.5/10

-extremely engaging

-loved Hannah’s stories

Pace: 8.5/10

-fast-paced and exciting

-the absolute perfect length to keep the story moving

Entertainment: 9.5/10

-addicting and thrilling

-heart-wrenching and inspiring

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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