The Voice Semi-Finals Season 12 Predictions

Here are my predictions for the semi-finals on the Voice Season 12, which air next week! As of now, there are eight singers left and four will advance. Here are my predictions for the coming week!

Image result for the voice top 8

How the voting works this week is the three singers with the most amount of votes are automatically placed in the finale, the two with the least amount of votes will be eliminated immediately, and the middle three voted contestants will get a chance to sing and then one of the three will advance to the final as well.

Here are my predictions:

Top 3: 

-Hunter Plake

-Lauren Duski

-Brennley Brown

Middle 3:

-Aliyah Moulden

-Chris Blue

-Jesse Larson

Bottom 2:


-Vanessa Ferguson

Additional comments: I feel that Hunter and Lauren are locks for the top 3. Brennley and Chris will fight for that last spot, and I think Brennley will prevail but Chris will get saved in the Middle Three. Jesse is a lock for the middle three in my opinion and Vanessa Ferguson is a lock for the bottom based off last week’s vote. Aliyah and TSoul will also be fighting for a spot. If Aliyah takes an emotional route she will most likely beat the latter out, but if she doesn’t she may be knocked out.

-Sean, kingdombookblog

kingdombookblog (2)


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